401(k) Plan Recommendations

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Visit 401(k) Background Information for a description of the fund selection process that guides the construction of this set of model 401(k) portfolios for employees. The percentages to the right of each fund indicate the specific portion of the retirement account that should be dedicated to that particular investment option. Please let us know if your plan has changed by emailing info@nstarcapital.com and we will gladly update our guidance.



This portfolio is ideal for young investors with plenty of time before retirement and the discipline to remain calm during market downturns. It’s also a favorite for investors on a fast track that want or need all the growth they can get from their investments in a short amount of time. Since this is a 100% stock portfolio, it will have the bumpiest ride.


This portfolio is a popular choice for many investors and is especially suited to long-term investors. With 60% exposure to stocks, there is plenty of growth opportunity, while the 40% bond allocation provides for stability and safety during market declines. This portfolio is optimal for investors with five or more years until they will need their assets.


This portfolio stresses safety with a combination of 40% stocks and 60% bonds. It is most suitable for investors who consider themselves conservative, who are close to or past retirement or who, for whatever reason, care more about holding onto their money than making it grow.