The Fiduciary Pledge

NorthStar Capital Advisors Fiduciary Oath

NorthStar Capital Advisors makes the following fiduciary pledge as your financial advisor: 

  • We will always put your financial interests ahead of our own and that of our firm.
  • We will remain objective and unbiased in providing investment and financial advice to you.
  • We will be proactive in promptly disclosing conflicts of interest, if any.
  • We will never accept compensation from anyone other than you, our client.
  • We will be completely transparent in disclosing and explaining all costs and fees associated with our services.
  • We will not accept any compensation for recommending an investment or referring any service to you.
  • We will always act with prudence, diligence, skill, and good judgment.
  • We will keep all of our communications confidential and will never disclose your information to anyone without your prior written consent.