The 5 Best Financial Advisors in Charlotte, NC (2021 update)


Why are we talking up our competition?

We at NorthStar Capital Advisors are retirement and tax planning experts. Our typical client is a diligent saver over age 50 who has accumulated a nest egg of $500,000 or more.

Knowing we don’t have the right expertise for every situation, we want to highlight other financial advisors in Charlotte, NC who do great work and who we respect.

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* Updated January 2021 *

Hiring the wrong financial advisor can wreak havoc on your investments and your retirement.  However, this free guide will help you make the best choice. 

Who are the best financial advisors in Charlotte, NC?

While we would love to help everyone in Charlotte reduce taxes, invest smarter, and make work optional in retirement, we recognize that we aren’t always the best fit.

Perhaps a young professional needs help navigating student loan debt.   Or, an investor is looking for someone to actively trade stocks and predict the future.

Whatever the reason, if we don’t have the expertise to help, we will recommend other financial advisors in Charlotte, NC.  After all, you wouldn’t see a brain surgeon if you needed heart surgery.

How we’ve come to know the top financial planners in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC is a friendly, diverse, and creative city. Having been a Charlotte financial planner for 14+ years, and founded by a native Charlottean, we know that the financial advisors who work here reflect these characteristics.

As a result, we’ve had the opportunity to interact with our industry colleagues at conferences, local universities (Go Niners!), media events, and even our favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

We’ve reached a point where we have high confidence that the group we’ll introduce you to below can get you on the right track with your personal finances.

With that said, and in no particular order, please meet — in our opinion — the 5 best financial advisors in Charlotte, NC (along with a brief overview from their respective websites):

McGill Advisors

“We help you implement successful investment strateigies and navigate the complex investment decisions required to achieve and maintain financial independence.”

Modera Wealth Management

“Modera is comitted to providing you with a broad range of services to address your entire financial life.  Our organization exists because we want to help people achieve life goals. We stand apart in our transparency, availability, and commitment to our customers.”

Parsec Financial

“Parsec Financial has a simple defining mission: We help guide clients to financial security. To do this we work with clients to create financial goals, create an investment strategy in accordance with those goals and maintain this focus through long-term investment management.”

Alpha Financial Advisors

“At Alpha we take the burden of managing the financial details so you can focus on living a vibrant life. We help identify how your wealth will serve you in pursuing your unique purpose and passions.”

Clearview Wealth Management

“We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management for our clients, building long-term trusted partnerships, through unbiased advice and exceptional care.”

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of local financial planners.  This list reflects our opinion and is not a testimonial or endorsement.

How NorthStar is different from other financial advisors in Charlotte, NC

There are three things that separate NorthStar from other Charlotte firms you might be considering:

  1. We exclusively provide retirement planning to individuals over the age of 50. We are retirement specialists helping our clients preserve wealth and create a reliable income stream.
  2. We focus heavily on tax planning to help our clients reduce taxes in retirement. Believe it or not, you could have a higher tax bill in retirement than as a working professional.
  3. We intentionally limit the number of new clients we take on to deliver massive value and personalized service.

If there is a potential fit between our expertise and your situation, consider getting a Free Retirement Checkup.

What do the best financial advisors near us have in common?

The Charlotte, NC financial advisors that we’ve spotlighted above bring different backgrounds, perspectives, and services to financial planning.  They work with different clients and specialize in different aspects of personal finance.  Yet, they share certain attributes that you absolutely must require from any financial advisor with whom you work:

  1. They are fiduciary advisors.  Unlike many financial advisors, they have committed to acting in your best interests 100% of the time. This is the highest standard in our industry, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.
  2. These financial advisors dont’ sell products, such as insurance, to earn commissions from you.  You want to work with a fee-only advisor.
  3. They shape a plan that meets your needs.  Everyone walks into an advisor’s office with a different situation, goals, and expectations.  The best financial advisors listen to you and shape a plan around your requirements.

Other options for finding a local financial advisor

There’s certainly a chance that none of the Charlotte, NC financial advisors listed above offer the specific help that you seek.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, so you may wish to continue your search elsewhere.  If that’s the case, we encourage you to check out the following organizations.  Their members meet many of the same strict standards as the financial advisors that we consider the “best of Charlotte.”

During your search, review each advisor’s website to get a feel for their style and messaging.  Then read a few articles they’ve written and watch a few videos that they’ve made.  Next, we would review their social media activity to better understand the finance and life conversations they’re engaged in.  Finally, we would request interviews with the 2-3 financial advisors who seem like the best fit.  

The most important questions to ask a financial advisor before you work with one

During your initial conversation, you may not be sure what questions to ask in order to collect the information you need to make an informed decision.  You may find the following articles helpful:

Ultimately, you likely won’t want to work with a financial planner who can’t answer these essential questions clearly, concisely, and confidently.

Remember, you are making a huge life decision when hiring a financial planner and the process should not be taken lightly.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (704) 350-5028.