clintonPresidential candidate Hillary Clinton has put forward a major change to current capital-gains tax rates in an effort to get corporate managers to focus on long-term growth.  Under Clinton’s proposal, investors would have to hold an investment for 6 years instead of the current 1-year requirement to qualify for the lowest rate on capital gains.

But what’s the impact on individual investors like yourself?

Tax experts say most investors will feel no impact from this proposal for two reasons:

#1 Clinton’s proposed changes would affect only people in the top income-tax bracket
That bracket begins at $464,850 for married couples filing jointly and $411,500 for single filers in 2015.

#2 Many investors hold most of their investments within tax-sheltered retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) plans.
These assets grow tax-free until withdrawal at which point proceeds are usually taxed as ordinary income and not eligible for the more favorable capital-gains tax rates.