There’s a lot we could be talking about this week.

The pandemic.

Vaccination rates.




Stimulus bills.

Instead, how about we talk about something nice?

What makes you happy?

What does “happiness” even mean?

Is it a temporary state? Is it a long-term thing?

I’ve heard happiness called being mindful of small moments of joy.

I like that definition because it implies that happiness is a practice that we can cultivate.

Is there a special recipe for achieving happiness?


I’ll start. My personal recipe for happiness might be:


If I can get some of that into each day, I can call it a happy one.

I’ve also found that simple things bring me joy, even when I’m stressed or not feeling my best.

Smiles and laughter of our children.

Sounds of the kids’ piano pieces wafting through the house.

Time spent in nature, breathing in the air and hearing the birds.

Losing myself in a book.

An invigorating walk with my wife.

What do you think?

What’s your personal recipe for happiness?

What simple things feed your soul?

Has it changed over time? Has it changed over the last year?

Please write me at and let me know. I’m excited to hear from you.

Be well,

Chris Mullis, Ph.D., CDFA®
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P.S. The market boom times are here, and a lot of folks are looking for magic bullets. But there aren’t any. It’s easy to look brilliant in a rising market or feel like you’re missing out on a hot trend. But the tide will turn. It usually does. If FOMO is keeping you up at night, (or keeping your kids up at night because they’re experiencing their first big bull market) please reach out. We’ll talk about the difference between gambling and investing. And how building wealth takes consistent, incremental progress, not chasing fads.