Roger Wohlner is a fee-only financial advisor and one of our favorite financial bloggers.  He wrote an article this week for U.S. News and World Report focusing on 6 mistakes to avoid in investing:

  1. Inability to take a loss and move on.
  2. Not selling winners.
  3. Not setting price targets.
  4. Trying to time the market.
  5. Worrying too much about taxes.
  6. Not paying attention to your investments.

Roger concludes, “If you are uncomfortable reviewing your investments, it may make sense for you hire a financial professional to take an independent look at your portfolio.”

Learn more in Roger’s article: 

6 Investing Mistakes To Avoid – Yahoo! Finance to take a loss and move on. Psychologically, it’s difficult for investors to sell an investment with a loss. Often they prefer to wait until the investment at least gets back to a break-even level. However, that may never happen or may take a long time to do so. The best approach is to…