Do you imperil your nest egg? 

  • Blowing in the wind – many investors are just too easily swayed by the news de jour.  This can cause them to sell low and buy high.
  • Focusing to narrowly – diversification is a best practice for weathering the ups and downs of the financial markets.  However, very often investors pile into a single asset type (e.g., gold, etc.).
  • Not focusing at all – diversification is key but investors sometimes disperse their capital with no master plan of how to allocate their money across the various asset classs (i.e., stocks, bonds, and cash).

Be aware of these potential ways to sabatage your nest egg.  Learn more in this article:

Many Investors Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Many Investors Are Their Own Worst Enemy investments don’t pan out, investors often complain about their financial advisers. But there’s another side to that story: Advisers say investors are often their own worst enemies. And the pros have no shortage of stories about misguided investment behavior to back that up.