balldropIt’s early February and “crunch time” for those of us trying to keep our New Year’s resolutions.

If you made a financial resolution to ring in 2015 then you’re not alone! 31% of Americans set financial objectives this year.  There are powerful reasons to make and keep such resolutions:

  • For those who made a resolution in 2014, 74% say they succeeded in getting at least halfway to their goal
  • 51% of people who made a financial resolution at the start of 2014 feel that they are now in a better financial situation
  • 42% of those surveyed say sticking to financial resolution is easier than sticking to other popular resolutions
  • For those who made a resolution for 2014, 29% say there were completely successful in reaching their goal
  • 64% say being encouraged by the progress made is the #1 motivator to stick with financial resolutions

Mandi Woodruff posted the interesting chart below on the leading New Year’s financial resolutions for the past few years. Encouragingly, “develop a plan to reach longer-term goals” is a popular choice, increasing to 14 percent. This is a more than twofold increase since 2011, when it was at a single-digit low of 6 percent.

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Don’t Drop the Ball on Your 2015 Financial Resolutions