529 plans are the best college savings option for most families.  Here’s a 30-second primer on how to choose the right one for your family:

  • 529s are funded with after-tax contributions; growth and distributions taken for higher-ed are tax free.
  • Essentially every state has its own 529 program.  You’re free to select whichever state’s plan you like.
  • If your state gives you a significant tax deduction on contributions (dark green in the map below), it’s worth reviewing your state’s 529 first.
  • If you don’t get a state tax deduction OR if it’s <5% OR your state offers tax parity (any color except dark green in the map below), go with the best plan available nationally.
  • Utah’s 529 is NorthStar’s favorite in the nation because of low fees, great investment choices, no contribution minimums, and very easy setup.

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