Although we live in a complex world, this doesn’t mean we have to accept nor invite complications. In fact, very often a simple solution is the best solution.  So what are some possible non-complex approaches to complicated finances?

Advisor Tony Isola, CFP, has a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Automate your retirement contributions and eliminate the default status of doing nothing;
  • Try to stay married (divorce is a great destroyer of wealth);
  • Buy experiences and not things, and de-clutter your life while increasing happiness;
  • Do not spend $250K for a four-year private college education for your children;
  • Exercise and eat right; this will save you a boatload of cash on health care in the long run;
  • Bank at a credit union;
  • Do not invest a dime on an investment “tip;”
  • Don’t be cheap when finding an accountant;
  • Check your investment portfolio annually, not every day;
  • Don’t cheat people because karma is a bi*ch; and
  • Get disability insurance.

Sir Isaac Newton chimed in on the subject as well: “Nature is pleased with simplicity and nature is no dummy.”

Source: ATM